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The JGA Tour is a collaborative tour operated by the Alabama Golf Association and Alabama-NW Florida PGA Section. The tour is designed specifically to remove barriers, such as cost, while also offering premier junior golf tournaments at some of the finest facilities in Alabama and NW Florida.

All JGA Tour participants must have an active GHIN® number and a free Golf Genius player profile account to register for an event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the player need a GHIN® number to register for an event?

Yes, every JGA participant must have a GHIN® number to register for an event.

The player does not have a GHIN® number, how do they create one?

If a player does not have a GHIN® number, they can create one by going to the Alabama Golf Association website here. Click on the appropriate region based on county and fill out the form. A GHIN® number will be created automatically. Juniors under 13 must have a guardian access their account.

What is the cost for a GHIN® number?

GHIN® memberships are complimentary for all junior golfers under the age of 18.

What is a guardianship account?

A guardian has access to the account and the ability to enter scores for the junior. This can exist at any age but is required if the player is under 13. A guardian may use the same email address associated with their own GHIN account if they already have a GHIN® number. However, a guardian does not need their own GHIN® number to be a guardian on a player’s account.

Is there a cost to be a Junior Golf Alabama member?

There is no cost to being a member of the JGA. The JGA only has tournament registration fees.

How old must a player be to participate?

A player must be at least 6 years old and younger than 19 years old on the first day of the event. Any questions regarding ageing up or remaining in a division after ageing out should be directed to Karl Yergey at /jga-tour-registration.

What yardage will the junior play from?

All tournament yardages are set by the JGA and subject to change based on course conditions, weather conditions and ability level. Tentatiave yardages for the event may be found in the player letter on the tournament page. JGA Tour Tee Markers will be placed on the approximate yardage box by JGA Tour staff on the day of the official practice round.

When will starting times be released?

Starting times for the first round will be released approximately 4-7 days prior to an event. Starting times for all other rounds will be released following the completion of the previous round. The JGA utilizes email and text messages to share this information.

Does the player need to check in or register prior to the first round?

JGA Tour events do not have pre-tournament registration and does not require players to check in prior to their first round. Players should arrive at the first tee 5-10 minutes prior to the starting time.

The player is unable to participate, what should I do?

Please reach out to Karl Yergey at /jga-tour-registration or call the official phone on the player notice ASAP if a player is unable to participate any time before or during an event.

Are there caddies?

Caddies are allowed ONLY for the 6-8 and 9-11 9-hole divisions and are identifiable by the JGA caddie bibs provided at the first tee. 18-hole divisions do not have caddies for any events.

Can spectators provide water and snacks to a player?

Spectators may provide drinks and snacks to a player; however, we ask you to refrain from conversations beyond the exchange of refreshments and words of encouragement.

Can a spectator provide a ride to the players between holes?

Spectators may not provide rides between holes to players. Players will be informed when a shuttle is available to them.

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